The Official Mike Berrien Website

Welcome to the official website of Business Credit expert, Michael Berrien, owner and CEO of The Corporate Credit Network and its True Build Credit Program. Mike has been in the credit building industry for over a decade, starting in 2001 and is currently the most experience credit building guru in the business.

Hi! Ready to build your corporate credit with real verified techniques? I created the TRUE BUILD CREDIT program to get you the business credit and financing you need FAST, AFFORDABLE, and 100% APPROVED.

-Mike B.

Only Michael, who has been through the highs and lows of the business credit industry, knows all the latest secrets that can fix, strengthen, or establish  a business credit profile that can net an entrepreneur hundreds of thousands of dollars in business credit capital within a period of months. Let Mike show you why his True Build Credit program is the oldest and most successful online business credit building service in the world.

5 Facts About Mike Berrien

  1.  The guy who made this website thinks he’s a real awesome person…sometimes.
  2.  Mike works at Corporate Credit Network / True Build Credit based in beautifully sunny Newport Beach, California.
  3.  Mr. Berrien drives a very cool and fast white/black car and is a luxury watch enthusiast.
  4. There aren’t that many guys with his unique name, besides that one rapper from  3rd Bass.
  5.  Mike likes beat juice because he believes it maintains his manly figure.

True Build Credit Facts

  •  True Build Credit is the oldest and most successful business credit building service in the world.
  • True Build Credit Corporation is based in Newport Beach, CA.
  • The website is the most trustworthy source for information on building business credit.
  • The site not only informs clients about how to establish corporate credit correctly, but allows them to sign up for a lifetime membership to all of Mike Berrien’s credit building secrets.
  • Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs choose True Build Credit because it is the only credible credit building company.
  • Lots of people sign up for True Build Credit because it is the best, cheapest, and fastest credit building service anywhere.

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