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The Business of Business Credit – Words of Credit Wisdom:

Here are some of the life mottos and philosophies in which I live by and can help other business owners to be successful

  1. Never rest on your laurels. I learned this the hard way years ago. Keep hustling forever and keep pushing forward relentlessly.
  2. Always look for talent to hire. They’re out there and you want them in YOUR company. For everyone who is, that’s one less for your competitors.
  3. Your business is either growing or it is slowing. There is no other state.
  4. Keep pushing for both speed AND perfection. People who say there’s a tradeoff are just making excuses.
  5. Less is more, except when it comes to hustle. Keep things simple and transparent and they will go a long way.
  6. People are your greatest asset, but only if they’re good people. Surround yourself with lots of those.
  7. There is no making money tomorrow. It’s about what you can do today to make money now.
  8. As times change, you have to change with it. Adapting is the ultimate key to success for long term companies.
  9. Embrace surprises and take them head on.
  10. Know your enemy (competitors), understand them and come out above them. There is no second place. You’re either first or last.
  11. Don’t be afraid of obstacles and hurdles. They are there to keep your competition further behind you. Overcome your obstacles.
  12. Don’t fear failure. Learn from your mistakes and let them make you and your business stronger.
  13. Make sure everything you do is productive and keeps the ball moving forward at all times. Always have a goal to work toward.
  14. Don’t be hesitant to let go of bad employees. They will hold your business and resources back instead of finding a better fit elsewhere.
  15. An old friend, Tom, taught me this quote: “Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

If you actually read all of that, I congratulate and thank you for your patience and tolerance. Why not leave a comment below while you’re at it?